Major Characters

Atomic Robo

Created in 1923 by Nikola Tesla, Atomic Robo has led a long and interesting life. In 1928 he received his doctorate in physics from Columbia University. He gained his legal status as a human being and U.S. citizen after his participation in a secret military operation in 1938. That was his first of many encounters with Baron von Helsingard, who has plagued Robo throughout his existance

In 1943 he founded Tesladyne, initially to protect his assets during his service in the war. Tesladyne eventually became a unique organization of “Action Scientists” who are called upon to investigate strange occurances around the world.

Baron Von Helsingard

Born into tremendous wealth as a member of Austrian nobility, Helsingard was also gifted an unparalleled, some would say inhuman genius.

Helsingard had crossed swords, directly or indirectly, with every science agent of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His schemes were intricate, intractable, and global. For instance: he appears to have been a major force in secretly ushering the European powers toward The Great War to sell Science Weapons to both sides at tremendous personal profit. By the signing of Treaty of Versailles, it is estimated that Helsingard was the richest and most powerful individual in the history of the world — made all the more powerful that his wealth and worldwide criminal empire were unknown to all but a few.

By 1938 Helsingard was well into his 80s and obsessed with overcoming death. He used the early Nazi movement as a front to work toward a “vril integration” procedure which he believed would grant him immortality and the power to alter reality through thought alone. Atomic Robo was sent by the US military to arrest Helsingard for his long list of atrocities against mankind. Robo ended up killing Helsingard – or so he thought. Helsingard’s brain has survived throughout the years in various robot bodies. Although Atomic Robo has thwarted his plans time and again, Helsingard continues to plague Robo and his Action Scientists.

Major Characters

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